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Coggins: All About ?lamps? – Construction Repair & Restoration (pr Only) 1614ozon.ru
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The Effect of IMF Programmes in Sub Sahara Africa 5622ozon.ru
Sub-chronic toxicity study 4792ozon.ru
Sub-State Entities & Co-Sovereignty at the EU 4792ozon.ru
Udder Health and Sub Clinical Mastitis in Dairy Livestock, Nepal 4755ozon.ru
Prospect graphene nano sheets for fuel cell 6184ozon.ru
3A Car Interior Repair Tool Wire Stripper Clam - Black + Yellow 952dx.com
DNA Repair studies in Plasmodium falciparum 5622ozon.ru
Theatre and the Digital 822ozon.ru
Challenges of Addis Abeba Historical Building in Arada Sub-City 4755ozon.ru
Physiological behaviour of sugarcane in sub-humid climatic conditions 5622ozon.ru
Public Infrastructure and Economic Growth in Sub Saharan Africa 5622ozon.ru
Students' Perceptions about High School Preparation for College Math 2640ozon.ru
The Management, Practices and Problems of Auto Repair Shops 6184ozon.ru

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Coggins: All About ?lamps? – Construction Repair & Restoration (pr Only)

Coggins: All About ?lamps? – Construction Repair & Restoration (pr Only)

The Effect of IMF Programmes in Sub Sahara Africa

The question about the impact of IMF programmes has generated a considerable level of debate among Economists interested in the work of the Fund. While there is consensus on some issues, many disagreements remain about the particular nature of effects on certain macroeconomic variables. There are some who argue that the IMF has become involved in a role to which it is not suited, and that its programmes have undesirable consequences for economic growth and other macroeconomic indicators. The other camp sees a vital role for the Fund and contends that programme effects are favourable. This study contributes to this debate by focusing on programme effects in Sub Sahara Africa (SSA). Using three different approaches of before-after analysis, Least Squares Dummy variable (LSDV) and pool regression techniques (controlling for other variables), we find some evidence of statistically significant short-term and long-term programme effects, although not always consistent with expectations. We submit some policy implications as a result of our findings.

Sub-chronic toxicity study

Embelia schimperi is widely used in traditional medicine in many countries including Ethiopia. There are several reports about the pharmacological properties of Embelia schimperi such as ethno-antihelminthics, anti-bacterials and other activities. However, there are no published reports about the possible toxicological effects of this plant. The present study was designed to evaluate the acute and the sub-chronic toxicity of Embelia schimperi fruit crude methanolic extract. The toxicity study of the plant was carried out on adult Swiss albino mice and the study included gross observation and measurements of changes in body weight, hematological parameters , biochemical parameters and histopathology of liver and kidney of both experimental and control groups of mice. The mice were divided into three groups (12animals/dose) and were administered different doses (400 and 1200mg/kgbwt) of the plant extract orally for eight consecutive weeks. The control group of animals received 2% Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). The body weight of all animals in each group was measured in the beginning and in the end of the experimental period.

Sub-State Entities & Co-Sovereignty at the EU

Sub-State entities like Wales or Scotland in the UK; Wallonia and Flanders in Belgium; Bavaria and the other German Lander; the Austrian Lander; or the Basque Country, Catalonia, Galizia and some others in Spain, do have, among many others in the whole of Europe, a key role therefore and are facing with difficult legal and institutional challenges before the EU, due to their current difficulties to actively participate within all EU levels whatsoever. The problems in reaching a peaceful institutional agreement on all the aforementioned are even greater when we talk about the EU as the fruit of an international treaty, and therefore, through the concept that avoids Sub-State entities taking part directly within EU decision making processes. In certain sense, we can talk of the EU as a real fruit of an international treaty. However, it has a clear will for political integration and this requires as well dealing with Sub-State participation at all levels. This means that in an international organisation looking for integration, the Sub-State approach recognised at domestic levels needs to become a part of the EU.

Udder Health and Sub Clinical Mastitis in Dairy Livestock, Nepal

This book illustrates an important, systematic, and concise information regarding udder health and sub clinical mastitis (SCM)in cattle and buffaloes in Neapl. Authors emphasized on potent risk factors for SCM in buffalo, its impact on milk production. The book focused on milk hygiene describing common bacterial isolates in milk and antibiotic sensitivity profile. Furthermore this book provides valuable information on dairy livestock husbandry in under-developed country. The authors wish to make it comprehensive keeping information on milk hygiene, culture isolation and identification of most common bacteria in milk. It includes abundant information about milk hygiene in SAARC countries with special focus in Nepal. The content include discussion on udder health, milk hygiene and risk factors for mastitis in Nepalese livestock husbandry.

Prospect graphene nano sheets for fuel cell

This book contains 7 chapters and appendix. At Chapter 1 explains roughly about many kind of Carbon Materials as a Support material for fuel cell and also graphene. Method of study namely many kind of instrumentation for analysis and characterization quality of fuel cell and also material, all of them are described at Chapter 2. Chapter 3 explains deeply about many interesting things about graphene, especially for Pt sub nano clusters. In order to answer many question about formation process of Pt sub nano clusters, it can be addressed at Chapter 4. Subsequently, effect of doping nitrogen to graphene, it can be studied at Chapter 5. The support material effect such as carbon black, N-doped graphene and graphene can be studied at Chapter 6. Finally, Chapter 7 describes about conclusions and future work and support material data can be found at Appendix, respectively.

3A Car Interior Repair Tool Wire Stripper Clam - Black + Yellow

Brand N/A Model 3A Qty 1 Color Black + yellow Material Titanium steel Type Wire stripper clamp Specifications Multi-function and practical; It can clamp tightly the cable and then cut; Lugs and terminals can be pressed by the clamp Application To strip all kinds of multi-layer power wire about 0.13~6.0 square milimeter Other Can be used for car automotive interior repair Packing List 1 x 3A wire stripper clamp

DNA Repair studies in Plasmodium falciparum

Malaria is a mosquito-borne infectious disease caused by a eukaryotic protist of the genus Plasmodium.It is widespread in tropical and subtropical regions, including parts of the Americas(22 countries), Asia, and Africa. There are approximately 350–500 million cases of malaria,killing between one and three million people, the majority of whom are young children in sub-Saharan Africa.Five species of the plasmodium parasite can infect humans;  Plasmodium falciparum.  Plasmodium vivax,Plasmodium ovale , Plasmodium malariae , Plasmodium knowlesi. The most serious forms of the disease are caused by Plasmodium falciparum.DNA has always been the most important biomolecule in an organism, and the maitenance of its integrity is one of the vital process in cellular organisms. Any disruption in this DNA repair mchanism can lead to the death of the that organism. This book here unravels some of the vital information of DNA repair mechanism present in P.falciparum which would help in discovering effective new drug targets against this organism.

Theatre and the Digital

Why should the digital bring about ideas of progress in the theatre arts? This question opens up a rich seam of provocative and original thinking about the uses of new media in theatre, about new forms of cultural practice and artistic innovation, and about the widening purposes of the theatre's cultural project in a changing digital world. Through detailed case-studies on the work of key international theatre companies such as the Elevator Repair Service and The Mission Business, Bill Blake explores how the digital is providing new scope for how we think about the theatre, as well as how the theatre in turn is challenging how we might relate to the digital.

Challenges of Addis Abeba Historical Building in Arada Sub-City

The extraordinary urban problems of the city today are complex to master and require deep reflection about managing cultural preservation while at the same time planning new developments and growth. Solutions must not be directed to solve short-term needs and problems but should be holistic in order to avoid excessive destruction of the urban landscape. Planning that focuses on urbanization only, without considering all the other aspects of the city, will eventually fail.

Physiological behaviour of sugarcane in sub-humid climatic conditions

Yield of water stressed sugarcane is about 50% of the yield of well watered sugarcane though it is one of the grassy crops that well adapted to the dry environmental conditions. Also, sugarcane shows greater genotypic variation in performance within a water regime as well. Hence, investigation of physiological response which could ultimately determine the yield of the crop under different growing conditions is important to achieve the maximum yield by minimizing the yield gap between actually obtained and genetically determined maximum yields in improved genotypes. However, studying these aspects of sugarcane in plant and ratoon crops under different natural environmental conditions is tedious and time consuming process. Despite the circumstances, this book provides the research background and the findings of the field experiment conducted in seven years period to investigate the effects of soil moisture on growth, physiology, yield and ratoonability of sugarcane under irrigated and rainfed conditions in sub-tropical climatic conditions that could be very useful guidelines for the researchers and university students who engaged in crop physiological studies.

Public Infrastructure and Economic Growth in Sub Saharan Africa

This study is an investigation about the growth effect of public infrastructure in Sub Saharan Africa. Using an endogenous growth theoretical framework, public infrastructure is considered as an input in production. This allows infrastructure to affect economic growth directly as an input and indirectly through enhancing the productivity of other inputs. Using flow and stock variables of infrastructure with dynamic panel data econometric estimation methodologies, public investment in economic and social infrastructure sectors is found to have positive and significant contributions to aggregate per capita income. Additionally, both current and capital expenditure levels of government were found to have significantly positive effects to aggregate income. By implication, the levels of infrastructure and the sizes of governments in the sample of countries used for the analysis are not yet beyond their optimal levels. Hence provision of additional infrastructure through public investment is still justified.

Students' Perceptions about High School Preparation for College Math

Are high school students ready for college mathematics? This qualitative case study examined how fifteen former high school students from a small, rural high school in central Vermont perceived their preparedness for college level mathematics and identified recommendations for improvement. Student interviews and math assessment data for each participant were analyzed to respond to the research question. The interview protocol consisted of one-on-one semi-structured phone interviews that were recorded for transcription. Thirteen open-ended questions were developed to answer the research question and sub-questions grounded in the research literature and specific concerns identified by the math teachers defined in the case study. The conceptual framework for this research study included six areas that influenced student success in preparation for college mathematics: improving communication and aligning standards between high school and college; expectations, confidence, and belief in capabilities; transition programs; assessing readiness; interventions and recommendations for high school programming; and student perception and voice.

The Management, Practices and Problems of Auto Repair Shops

The presence of automobiles bring about the proximity to places where education, recreation and employment are available. Without automobiles, transport and other activities would be paralyzed, thus progress would be difficult to achieve. Auto repair shops must be available to check and repair them in the event of trouble. The efficient performance of an automobile depends upon the treatment it receives. The study looked into the organization, operational practices and problems of auto repair shops and its impact to development. Included are the essentials of business system such as the proper form of business, strategic location and adequate capital, products/services in demand, competent management and a loyal motivated workforce. It gave a clear picture of auto repair shops as service business providing income to owners and employment to the community. This serves as a model to future entrepreneurs along this field.